Club Deluxe show went great!

Club Deluxe groupEveryone had a great time at our Club Deluxe show last Saturday. It was fun seeing some of our regular fans there, and nice to introduce new folks to our sound. We had people dancing between the tables during the last set, which might have been a little unusual for Club Deluxe. We’re talking to them about more shows over the next few months, so might get the chance to see you there again!

Club Deluxe Sat 7/18 6:00p


We’re playing the early show at Club Deluxe in the middle of July. Should be a fun gig- they have sidewise stage area with a good piano and what looks to be a Hammond B3 or C3 organ. We’re doing three sets, and it’s mostly a jazz club, so we’re thinking to add additional jazz favorites to round out the playlist. There’s not enough room for our full live rig, so this will be a more acoustic gig than usual.

Corner of Haight and Ashbury, good pizza, well-stocked bar, interesting clientele. Worth a trip. As it were.

Playing For Water Benefit at Sweetwater, Sunday Sept 20

Playing-For-Water-posterWe’re working out plans for a benefit show for Clean Water Action in September, up at Sweetwater in Mill Valley. Clean Water Action does much good re advocating for clean, safe water supplies; given California’s current lack of water, we think that’s worth supporting. A draft of the show poster is above; more details as we work things out.

Show at Lennon Studios, Sat June 27, 8:00p


We’re doing a show at Lennon toward the end of June. One of the featured tunes we’re hoping to debut is Darkness Darkness, originally by the Youngbloods. It’s turned into one of our more complex arrangements, with four different sections and three different tempos, and features Greg Richey on lead vocals.

Lennon Studios is a funky older rehearsal and performance venue in SF South of Market. They have a nice big stage and a pretty relaxed vibe. Hope to see you there!


Party at Wendy and Jake’s!

This is kinda unfair to mention, given that you have to know Wendy and Jake to attend, but we’re doing a show in early May to inaugurate their new dance space in Los Altos. They have an amazing house down there, now more amazing with a dedicated dance floor and party room. We’ve gotten requests from folks in the South Bay to play some music down there, so… we’re comin’ down. Get in touch with Lee or Wendy if you want details and an invite.

Gig at Second Act, Sat May 30

Flyer - Second Act 05.15We’re setting up for another show at Second Act in SF, in the Haight. This will be similar to our show there last year, with some new songs and reworked old songs. We’ve redone Texas Stomp, now just Stomp, with a new rhythm backing track and new solos and ensemble bits. Nature Boy is calmed down a little from the last version we did here, and we have new harmonies in The Rose. Should be a good show!

Second Act Show – Great Venue, Great Sound

Our show at Second Act in San Francisco went really well. We’ve updated some arrangements (The Affair) and added new songs (Nature Boy). We’ve also added new gear- better sound for both us and the audience. Jack at Second Act did an excellent job of setting things up for us, too, so the near-capacity audience was comfortable and happy. Overall ***** rating!