Studio Recordings

These songs are mostly available on our YouTube channel; please go there for more information about the recordings, to like individual songs, and to join in the conversation about our music.


This is the Van Morrison classic, done with a little stronger jazz feel.

Texas Stomp

An original composition by our guitarist Greg Richey, with added solos by Nathan and Lee and a trio chorus in the middle.

Autumn Leaves

We’ve been doing Autumn Leaves in our live shows for awhile now. This was recorded last fall, with Nathan doubling on piano and violin and Elissa doubling on vocals.


Our version of Lovesong (The Cure, Adele), with Elissa doing lead vocals. We’re still settling on a tempo, will likely pick it up a little in live performances. We like the overall sound, though, including tasty solos by both Nathan and Greg. Enjoy.

Live Shows

These tunes were recorded at various live shows; sometimes on an iPhone by one of our audience members.

House Concert Medley

We did a show at a private home in Los Altos, CA in November 2015; this is sample of a few of the songs we performed (thanks to Ilana Shay for the video!).

Here Comes The Rain Again

This turned into one of the theme songs for the Playing For Water benefit. Original song by the Eurythmics.

Fly Me To The Moon

Another one from the Sweetwater show.

Nature Boy

The jazz standard, done with a Cuban flavor at Sweetwater.

2 Replies to “Music”

  1. I love these samples! So amazing, I could play them over and over. Goose bumps, chills, strikes a cord in my heart . “Lovesong” brings an ache to my chest. “My makeup ran over you” a very original honkytonk, blues hybrid, you’ll tap your foot without realizing it. “Autumn leaves” what can I say, words fail me, my eyes teared up it carried me to a place of such yearning a keening of the heart. When does the CD come out?

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