Club Deluxe | Sat Jul 18 6:00p


We’re playing the early show at Club Deluxe in the middle of July. Should be a fun gig- they have sidewise stage area with a good piano and what looks to be a Hammond B3 or C3 organ. We’re doing three sets, and it’s mostly a jazz club, so we’re thinking to add additional jazz favorites to round out the playlist. There’s not enough room for our full live rig, so this will be a more acoustic gig than usual.

Corner of Haight and Ashbury, good pizza, well-stocked bar, interesting clientele. Worth a trip. As it were.

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  1. Just got back from club Deluxe, awesome show. The acoustics were good for a small club. The audience was really into the music, high energy. Darkness into light played mostly acoustic but you wouldn’t miss a thing. They brought what I love about them, an interconnectedness and a wide range of music that melds smoothly together. You can see and hear how much they love what do and they play off each other’s energy.

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